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SpareFoot Offering Free Storage for Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey
SpareFoot offered a free month of storage to anyone that has been personally affected by the storm.

SpareFoot Generates $1 Billion in Revenue for Storage Clients
Almost exactly nine years after two college seniors started SpareFoot in their UCLA dorm room, the company announced today that it has generated more than $1 billion in revenue for its clients. 

Study Finds Americans Are Overwhelmed This Moving Season
SpareFoot set out to explore the effects of moving and decluttering, from its impact on personal relationships to psychological repercussions. The findings reveal that Americans of all ages struggle to part with sentimental items and view the entire moving process as stressful. 


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The Hottest Industry Right Now Is Storing All of Your Stuff
Thanks to you and all those online purchases, investors see the self-storage industry as a sure-bet. 

Lots of Room to Write About Self-Storage
I edit and write for a news section on the site called Storage Beat, which is like a business journal for the industry, with trends and the like. I also edit our main blog, for consumers, and contribute to our moving guides for different cities. 

Minimalist millennials say no thanks to family treasures
As a growing number of baby-boomers look to downsize and declutter their lives, they’re sometimes finding that their prized possessions aren’t as valuable as they thought.


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